Configurations - Guide

Configurations- Guide

Account Settings

  • Adding company details
  • Changing password
  • Configuring outgoing emails
  • Configuring incoming emails
  • Organizing menu bar
  • Changing date, themes, time zone, etc.
  • Customizing field labels, tab names & other strings


  • Setting up workflows
  • Capturing website visitors as leads
  • Configuring mailbox to convert emails to suitable entities

Configuring Fields

  • Creating custom fields
  • Re-arranging fields
  • Editing field properties
  • Deleting custom fields
  • Customizing picklist fields

Creating and Importing Modules

  • Creating a New Module
  • Importing custom modules

Configuring Modules

  • Deactivating unwanted modules
  • Activating deactivated modules


    Tagging important records Jumping to a selected page in list view of records Adding custom lists to dashboard Languages supported by BzCRM Disabling and configuring fields in summary view Performing mass operations on selected records Exporting Comments

Organizing Data

  • Importing records from existing files
  • Creating custom filters

Finding Duplicates

  • Finding and managing duplicate records
  • Finding and managing duplicate records while importing records