Configurations - Account Settings

Changing Dates, Themes, Time Zones, etc.

My Preferences

Your CRM users can user My Preferences to configure their personal information.

Customize your personal preferences concerning what to be displayed.

Few simple steps to update personal information of the user

  1. Click on User Profile in the upper right
  2. Click My Preferences
  3. Click Edit
  4. Update the following details and
  5. Click Save

User Login & Role

BzCRM allows users to modify Primary Email, Name, and Default Lead view. Also, this section will help administrators to assign roles to individual users.

Field Description
Primary Email Specify primary email of the user
First Name Specify the first name of the user
Last Name Specify last name of the user
Role To assign roles to individual users. Only displayed for admin users
Primary Group Administrator selects the Primary group for the user to which he belongs

Currency and Number Field Configuration

While managing inventory modules like Invoices, Quotes, Sales and Purchase Orders, you will need to have a valid currency format, digit and decimal separator, symbol placement etc. You can configure currency as per the requirement.

Field Description
Currency Select desired currency from the drop-down. However, the values will be saved according to base current rates
Digit grouping pattern Select digit group separator that is often used when displaying large numbers, to make them easier to read.
Digit Grouping Separator Select a Digit Grouping Separator from drop-down
Decimal Separator Select a decimal point from drop-down to use between the integer and the fractional parts of a decimal
Symbol Placement Select a value from drop-down to have currency symbol before or behind the currency value
Number of Currency Decimals Select the number of decimals you would like to have after a currency value
Truncate Trailing Zeros Enable the checkbox to drop the values after the decimal point

More Information

You can update your personal information like phone number, email, signature etc.

Field Description
Title Specify designation of the user
Fax Specify fax number of the user
Department Specify the department of the user
Other Email Specify the other email of the user
Office Phone Specify office phone number of the user
Secondary Email Specify secondary email id of the user
Mobile Phone Specify mobile phone number of the user
Reports to Select the user(Subordinate) to whom the user reports to
Home Phone Specify the home phone number of the user
Secondary Phone Specify the secondary phone number of the user
Documents Attach related documents of users
Internal Mail Composer Enable the check-box to see BzCRM’s built-in email composing window when you click on email id of records in BzCRM
Language Select desired language from the drop-down. BzCRM support 25 languages at present
Default Record View Choose viewing between Summary view or Detail View when you click to view a record.
Left Panel Hide Enable the check-box to hide the Left Panel Menu
Collapse Modules Menu Collapse or expand the modules menu bar


You can create your desired signature within the ck editor area.

You can add your signature in the email that you send to your customers. The default signature will be added at the end of the email that you compose. To add signature enable the Include Signature check box in Compose Email tab.

User Address

You can update address details of the user like city, state, country, etc.

Field Description
Street Address Specify street address of the user
Country Specify user’s country name
City Specify name of the city where user lives
Postal Code Specify postal code of user’s address
State Specify name of the state where user lives

User Photograph

Click on Upload and browse for the user’s photograph and click Save to upload.

User Advanced Options

Access Key - A unique security credentials used to send the equest for Web Services API such as Outlook Plugin, Firefox Plugin, Thunderbird, etc.

Business Hours Information

Set a Business Hours for each user to handle the cases and appointments records.

My Groups

User can view all the groups he belongs to here.