Getting Started - Company Details

Company Details

You can personalize the application by uploading your Company logo and details to your BzCRM service; as a result, company logo appears on your home page. Also, your company logo and address can be used in email templates and Inventory tools such as Quotes and Invoice, when exported to PDF files.

Add Company Details

Steps to update your company logo and details

  1. Hover over icon and click **Settings*.
  2. Click Company Details under Configuration.
  3. Click Edit button in the top right corner.
  4. To update your company logo, click Choose File button, browse and open the desired file from your computer
  5. You can also update company details in the fields provided
  6. Click Save

  • Recommended image size is 170X60 pixels
  • Recommended image formats are .jpeg , .jpg , .png , .gif , .pjpeg , .x-png
  • Personalize your BzCRM now!