About Us

BzCRM is all about communicating with customers, both as B2C – Business to Customers and B2B – Business to Business. BzCRM places the management emphasis on sales and marketing control. BzCRM differentiates itself from all other Customer Relationship Software because BzCRM utilizes Live Interactive Video for internet eCommerce Collaboration.

BzCRM is a Free Downloadable software program designed for customer/client needs and can be utilized by small business operators and enterprise-wide companies alike. BzCRM reduces customer service costs, enhances customer relationships, increases customer loyalty and retention and improves customer satisfaction. BzCRM is flexible, scalable and customizable.

BzCRM enables you to create and share documents so those with authorized access can coordinate and assist in the sales process and workflow. Tracking your sales activity with Specific Reporting, provides you with Analytical Control of the Sales Pipeline. The purpose of Sales Force Automation is to become more productive by visibly discovering the parts of the sales cycle that are working and those with problems to overcome.

BzCRM provides full scale Marketing Campaign Management with an Email Program that drives results. BzCRM is successful because we shorten the sales cycle using sophisticated analytical tools.

We've engineered BzCRM into business modules. Our members can choose any one or all of these modules to customize their Business Management Program.

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