This is not the traditional, static, data entry program which resides on your computer. Our Bz CRM supports live interaction with instant real time data retrieval. Our Bz CRM system provides these advantages and benefits:

  • Access from any internet device.

  • Live Video Communication.

  • Live Interaction between Business and Customers/Clients Customer/Client Access Control to their account for automatic sales/orders/shipments and the Sales Status Pipeline.

  • A private data system using secure password controls.

  • Bz CRM is designed to serve B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business).

  • Bz CRM is all about collaboration and sharing information using the internet with video messaging and email communication.

  • Bz CRM manages a catalog of your products with inventory control to record and track stock on hand, stock ordered and products ready to ship, etc.

  • Bz CRM enables you to record customer proposals; track by date, changes, etc.

  • Our Customer Self Service Portal module enables our Members to add and manage customers, prospects, suppliers, etc. This module works in conjunction with other modules such as invoices, contacts, orders, shipping, inventory, etc., and interacts with our SalesForce Automation Module. The Portal is a Customer/Client Internal Website where Sales and Orders are processed automatically under centralized database control.

  • Your contact information is readily available in a centralized database which can be accessed by you and others who have pre-authorizations to do so.
“These Special Features
are Changing
Internet Sales.”