The Button is E-Z to install on your Website.

Place the "Live" button throughout your sites, especially in the areas which solicit sales or information, such as ads, profile pages, websites and emails. We have E-Z Button Placement for your Social Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can also place the Button in your Blogs, Forums, Groups, Tweets or wherever you want people to click the Button and be live video connected to you.

Callers have the ability to instantly connect to any business, website publisher or anyone with a webpage who displays the "Live" Button. Users don’t have to download anything. It works on Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops - From Anywhere!

It’s Fast and E-Z for customers/clients to use the Live Connector and with No Registation, they don’t hesitate in using it. It’s all FREE!

To try the Live Video Connector Button Program, just list your name and email address - We’ll instantly email confirmation of your activation. Everything is FREE!

The “try-out” expires in 24 hours if you don’t have at least one friend, relative or business associate click on the Live Video Button to engage in a Live Video Conversation with you. (They are immediately connected Live in just a simple click or tap). If they list their name and email address for this same offer, your use of the Live Video Connector becomes Permanent and you can use it Free to See and Talk Live as long as you want in all your live video connections. Contact everyone and get them connected FREE by Live Net Video.