Communication and Media Organizations can use all the programs of our Business Management Software –Our BzCRM Program (Customer Relationship Management) centralizes Data Information and Processes the Workflow. Our SFA (Sales Force Automation) controls and automates the Sales Process so sales reps can individually produce more sales and company marketing methods can produce more business.

Television and Radio Broadcasters can use our BzCRM software to record call in ad leads. Using our NetVision TV software, Radio Stations can simultaneously broadcast radio and a live netcast video of their radio show. Live Video Viewing Audience Participation is possible – Its no longer just a Radio Talk Show. Calling Participants are also seen Live in the simulcast. Your show can be seen by millions of people.

Improve your interactions with content providers and distributors by creating profile accounts that track information on publishers, authors and media speakers, etc. Develop more personable relationships with Advertisers by establishing account teams with public relations acumen. You'll have more time for client interaction once you automate the workflow and centralize the data input and retrieval of your information.

Automating the work process reduces administrative costs; once you've centralized your data information, it will speed up department work processes.

Users involved in the Media/Communication Industry can select any amount of modules from BzCRM Business Management program.

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