Our Education Management System is ideal for private and public institutions. School Districts/Boards can interact instantly with School Administrations. Administrators can collaborate with State and Federal Regulators to administrate Grants, Financial Aid and Student Loans. School Administrators, Deans and Principals can use Student Record Accounts when interacting with Accreditation Bodies.

You can set up Departments such as Registration, Financial Aid, Academics, Assessment, Student Affairs, Employment Development, etc.

Affairs, You can set up Departments such as Registration, Financial Aid, Academics, Assessment, Student

Every teacher, teachers aid; administrator, administrative staff; dean, principal and school employee can access the central data control if they have received password control access. The School Administrator can limit department and account access to each school employee by password.

The Education Management System's Program can control every aspect of financing including accounting, credit, financial aid and banking; even Donor Fundraising. You can set up accounts for donors and track prior contributions; the system can assist Administration in campaign solicitations to establish regular contributions.

Administrators can instantly access the centralized data system to evaluate faculty and department performance; they can also access student accounts for attendance, grades, activities and curriculums to report to parents and others. The automation and centralization of student and school data lowers administrative costs and satisfies student needs.

The Education Management System is Fast and E-Z to implement. Administrators can tailor a system to serve their specific requirements by selecting modules from our platform of 18 administrative controls. Choose the modules which can bolster your existing programs. You are provided with our entire BzCRM program, so you can use them all or be selective.

Our Education Management Programs are engineered for Collaboration. We are not solely about Data Centralization and Workflow Management; the N of B developed Video Communication for the ultimate in Collaboration.

Using our Free Video Connector Program, Students and School Employees can See and Talk in Live, Interactive Video with anyone. Every School Department can Interact in 2-way Live Video with their students or the entire campus. Students can Video Conference with Teachers or other Students, even their Parents!

N of B is including our Video Netcasting program so Register today and receive our "NetVision" TV Program Free. It's Like TV on the Net – Administrators can use it to Netcast a Live Production over the Net. Use it to reach thousands of students – anytime. You can deliver the Show Publicly or Privately by entry code. Students can interact live with the Administration Moderator and be seen by everyone. There are many uses for our video program.

Our video programs can be used by teachers in classroom settings with Live 2 Way Interactive Video Student Participation. Your internet instruction can now be seen by tens of thousands of eager students. Most students say "It's like being in a school classroom – But Better!"

It's a Live Video Communication System, designed for any School, College, University or Learning Institution. Our entire Education Management Program is E-Z to Implement and E-Z to use. The programs are all Free as part of Membership in the Network of Business. For more information about the Network of Business, Click Here. For more information about our Video Communication programs, Click Here.

"The Live Video Connector
is changing the way
Education can be received."