Food Industry

BzCRM has changed the way that food manufacturers, distributers and suppliers work. Implementing a BzCRM program can help any food business achieve a real competitive advantage. BzCRM centralizes all the data to overcome multiple records with conflicting information. Centralizing the data information leads to efficiency and with it, loyal, satisfied customers.

Central data control provides instant information on prospects, customers and suppliers and most importantly, inventory and warehouse management. BzCRM generates quotes, inventory availability and purchasing records automatically.

Each of your business customers can have their own Self Service Internal Website with full access control where customers can order supplies and modify orders, check on delivery status, etc. Self Service Automation also enables you to analyze current ordering and buying patterns, so you can control your warehousing and wholesale purchasing, etc.

BzCRM can help any food business from markets to restaurants, even school cafeterias and fast food restaurants. Speed of perishable deliveries from farms to markets is critical and tracking to retailers by centralized data contact with automated preplanning is just the start of the BzCRM Programs.

Remember, you can implement any amount of our BzCRM Modules.

"BzCRM helps me Control
Costs - I use it for all
my Record Information
to Control my Food
Distribution Business."