Health Care Services

Every business within the Healthcare Industry can use our CRM Business Software to structure their Workflow and Streamline their Administrative Tasks so employees can devote more time on patient/client needs. The software is designed to lower costs and improve the process of support channels, such as clinics, test labs, hospital scheduling, etc.

Healthcare Providers, Administrators, Physicians and Health Care Specialists, etc., can all benefit from centralized data information control with password access. Our Healthcare Management

Software automates the healthcare process and we improve communication, which results in reduced costs with satisfied patient/clients. Department Heads have more control and can view organizational performance from their computer or mobile device.

Social Service Workers will immediately benefit with increased efficiency from centralized records and automated workflow. Field Workers can schedule appointments, make changes and upload information.

The entire Healthcare industry will benefit using our Live 2Way Video Communication. Doctors can Video Conference with Patients – it's like a House Call! Imagine Ambulance Paramedics internet video conferencing with hospital staff at accident sites. Our Video Conferencing can be used for Meetings, even Live Video Netcasts to thousands of simultaneous employees or public viewers.

Our Case Management System is engineered for the collection and retrieval of select patient/ client information within departments under password controls. This secure environment satisfies patients/clients that medical records are controlled and are not placed in public internet access. The Authorized Sharing of Medical Data can have critical implications and result in life saving procedures.

Our BzCRM program creates ideal workflows that improve operational efficiency. Communication is sped as data information is centrally dispatched. It's Fast and E-Z to implement with your existing systems. The software is so comprehensive that accounting and financial control in your backend operations is connected to the patient/client registration and the system regulates and monitors each and every stage of the medical procedures from entry to exit and even beyond as we track and analyze patient/client information to improve the treatment and care of serving people in need.

Our Health Management Software covers the entire Medical Care Industry from Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics to Support Organizations such as Labs and Medical Devices, etc., to Health and Social Service Case Management and Field Workers. Everyone can use our Centralized Data Information Controls to Automate their Office, Department or any Part of their Organization. You can use all or any part of the BzCRM Program, as its presented in a modular format. Everything is Free from Network of Business.

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