Customer Support Management

BzCRM provides enterprise quality Customer Support & Service features, such as Knowledge Management, Customer Self Service Portal, Reports, and Support Statistics specifically useful for your organization's customer support force. You can also use other customer support-related features, such as Inventory, Activity Management, Calendar, Contact Management to assist these two modules.


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Knowledge Base

  • Manage product-wise Knowledge Base in a centralized location for a better resolution.

  • Provide public access to the Knowledge Base only after approval.

  • Maintain up-to-date Articles in Bz CRM based on customer suggestions & comments.

Customer Self Service Portal

  • Fully customizable and you can deploy without hassles in your Web site.

  • Secured access to the Customer Self Service Portal.

  • Constantly improve the quality of Knowledge Base by threaded discussions.

  • Update customer profiles.

Professionalize Your Sales Experience with a Customer Portal

Provides leads in the sales process with individual access to tailored Customer Portals creating better sales experience by providing one place to track communications, submit requests, share documents, view invoices, quotes, products, services and much more as you guide potential customers through the sales process.

The Customer Portal

  • Provide a customized portal for customers and clients, unique username and password for potential customers to log in to their own customized portal that shows all related information to their process interactions.
  • The Modules like Knowledge Base, Contact, Account, Inventory, Invoice, Quotes and Services tabs are part of the customer portal.
  • Share files, documents, invoices and quotes with customers and have all the files and interactions stored and visible to both parties in the customer portal as they go through the sales process.
  • Build up a build-in Knowledge Base to provide quick access to commonly asked question.

Your Customers/Clients expect Service, but today most telephone inquires are greeted with an automated voice response giving you a long list of departments to choose from with sub choices that are equally frustrating; just when you think you're being transferred to the right party, a voice recorded message asks you to leave your phone number and the purpose of your call. 50% of the calls are never returned. The number one culprit is Government, followed by Companies in the order of their size. That's Right! – The Bigger the Company, the more irresponsible they are. So what's the problem? – Management. It starts at the top, SO, what can be done to change it –

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