Marketing Automation

BzCRM provides Campaign Management and E-mail Marketing Modules for organization-wide marketing. Our other related modules, such as Calendaring, Contact Management and Reports assist in the Marketing Program.

Our Business Sales Marketing System offers our members Two Productive Marketing Programs which are Guaranteed to Produce More Business than any internet or conventional marketing system –

  1. Emailing program which enables you to Bulk Email. Our Bulk Email System formats, lists and targets tailored messages to Specialty Business to Business (B2B) lists. The email Program is Fast & E-Z to implement – It delivers New Business immediately!

  2. Network of Business has included the Live Video Connector which instantly connects customers to your business sales reps for a Live 2-Way Interactive Video Conference. It’s all Free from Net of Bz. The Net of Bz also provides Free Business Listings in our Directories. Most Businesses like our Button which can be placed on any website, profile, directory, social media site; even emails - It enables anyone to instantly connect with you for a Live 2 Way Video Call. (without Registration or Download.) Click Here for more Information on the Live Connector.


Campaign Management

  • Manage organization-wide marketing campaigns.
  • Track campaign effectiveness based on customer data.
  • Execute personalized mass mailing campaigns for your campaigns.
Analyze Campaign Effectiveness

It's as simple as knowing what you're putting in and what you're getting out. Create marketing campaigns, assign them a budget and assign leads to those campaigns. Once a lead has made it through the sales pipeline and a sale results, assess the amount earned and deduct it from the campaign costs.

  • Create lists of leads associated for each marketing campaign.
  • Enter the budgeted amount for each campaign.
  • Use custom fields and formulas to create report metrics such as the ROI for each campaign (divide the amount earned by the amount spent).
Understand Your Markets

Finding common characteristics amongst your customers is the best way to know which markets to sell your products and services in. Ensure that important customer information is collected during the lead creation, qualification and sales stages to ensure that reports can be generated to identify the shared characteristics of your customers. Use this information to create and target new, more effective marketing campaigns.

Creating and Embedding Web-to-Lead Forms | The Reports Module

  • Design web-to-lead capture forms to capture all of the relevant market segment data you need using the web-to-lead forms generator.
  • Use the reports module to build reports that identify the most shared characteristics of your customers.
  • Design future marketing campaigns using what you find to be common characteristics of customers who have found a need for your products and services.

E-Mail Marketing

  • Manage mailing lists based on existing data related to leads, accounts, and contacts.
  • Create HTML templates directly from the system.
  • Send mass E-mail campaigns from the selected mailing lists.
Email Marketing Campaigns

Running email marketing campaigns is one of the easiest, most effective ways to get new and recurring business. By educating prospects that you collect from web forms, CSV imports and manual imports on your products and services, you'll help them find a match between their needs and your offerings. Additionally, updates, deals and incentives can be emailed to encourage repeat business.

Identify the group of customers you'd like to send the emails to and group them into individual campaigns to track the success of each campaign.

  • Easily create email templates that include variables that automatically fill-in like customer names, dates and any other information from within your Bz CRM.
  • Include links to media and any other information.
  • Create schedules for each campaign. Set them to run when a customer is inputted into your Bz CRM or when any other trigger condition is met and set them to run on a pre-defined schedule.
Bulk Email Campaign

A customer must be educated about your products and services in order to see the value in them. Using our complete email marketing campaign tools you can send them information about your new products and services, case studies, coupons and deals, or anything else. Prospects interested in the titles and contents of your emails will get in touch with you, simplifying the process of qualifying many of your leads.

  • Identify the group of customers you'd like to send the emails to and group them into individual campaigns to track the success of each campaign.
Automate Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

When a prospect is entered into Bz CRM or they contact you or is converted to an opportunity, it may be the right time to send new emails with information tailored to their needs determined by the stage of the sales process they're in. Bz CRM On Demand enables you to create multiple email templates and trigger them to send depending on a customer's sales stage.

Separate Quality Leads From Junk Leads

Use the data that you collect in Bz CRM On Demand about your current customers to understand what characteristics they share (industry, company size, company role, customers, services, products, etc). By learning which of your leads also share those characteristics you can create filters to focus your sales efforts on those leads, making you more likely to get a higher rate of conversion.

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