Security Management

Bz CRM supports advanced security management functions including roles, hierarchies, profiles and groups. This enables flexible access control to view and edit functions based on role, management hierarchy and group membership.


Sharing Control

     Bz CRM has very flexible sharing and access control tools to
     allow you to setup the CRM system to match the needs of your
     business. Sharing control can be changed for each module to
     reflect the desired levels of access and sharing of information
     needed by any specific organization.

Roles and Role Hierarchies

     Bz CRM provides a good set of tools to create and manage
     access controls using roles and role hierarchies. New
     roles can be setup easily with specific permissions.
     You can setup manager or other roles in the role hierarchy
     with required access to subordinate roles. For each role, you
     can specify the level of access allowed and for each module.


     Bz CRM Profiles can be used to manage sets of access
     permissions and assign them to roles. This allows for easy
     management of access permissions for different roles that
     you create.


     CRM Groups allow easy management of access and sharing
     for different groups of users. Users as well as roles can be added
     to groups to easily manage the access permissions needed for

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